Hello there! We’ve recently added another highly requested feature - search boxes! They can be found in the Customer Data tables so you can find your customers’ records faster within the ONE+ app 🙌
To access them, first click on the “Customer Data” tab in the top navigation bar. Then select the tab of which subscriber group you’d like to search within:
ONE+ Subscribers
Shopify Subscribers
, or
All Shopify Contacts
As a quick reminder:
  • ONE+ Subscribers
     - Includes ONLY the subscribers that are captured through ONE+ tools or APIs directly. If this number is zero, this means either the app was just installed or leads are not being captured through our apps (e.g. Pop Ups, Fortune Wheel, etc.)
  • Shopify Subscribers
     - Includes ONE+ Subscribers AND any other customers that opted in for emails/communication from a source outside of the ONE+ Apps (in the above example screenshot: 1,000 ONE+ Subscribers plus 1,000 other subscribers = 2,000 Shopify Subscribers)
  • All Shopify Contacts
     - Includes Shopify Subscribers AND any other customers that chose NOT to opt into emails/communication (in the above example screenshot: 2,000 Shopify Subscribers plus 500 other contacts that chose not to opt into email/communication = 2,500 All Shopify Contacts)
In the search box, you can search for customers by their:
  1. email address
  2. first name
  3. last name
  4. phone number - make sure to include the country code! for best results, don’t include characters like
    . for example: instead of +1 (234)-5678, search 12345678
These search values must be an exact match.
This feature should come in handy when you need to search through many contacts for their subscription or reward details, to manually remove their record, etc. Hope this helps save you some time!