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Instantly increase sales up to 25% while you sleep!
Super excited for you to try this feature, post-purchase upsell is a game-changer for getting more sales:
  • without
    spending more on Ads (save 💰💰💰)
  • without
    spamming subscribers with marketing messages
What is One-Click Upsell?
  • One-Click
    (no need to re-enter payment details)
  • Upsell & Cross Sell
    (personalized product offers)
short upsell demo
Upsell Funnel
Checkout Page > *ONE* Upsell Page > Thank You Page
  1. After a customer pays for an order on the Checkout Page, they will immediately be presented with an upsell offer designed by you.
  2. Make an offer your customer can't refuse 😉 because they will have an option to
    the offer with
  3. Just like that, they will be brought to the Thank You Page (i.e. order confirmation page).
Tutorial Video
  • Create Upsell
    starts @ 0:42
  • Test Upsell
    starts @ 4:25
  • Create A/B Test
    starts @ 6:08
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Upsell Benefits
  • more revenue from the same traffic
  • non-intrusive upsell display
  • frictionless purchase experience
Upsell Cons
  • there are no cons... 😜
  • show countdown timer (induce FOMO)
  • give discount (increase conversion rates)
  • set quantity (bundle products)
  • offer complementary products (show relevancy)
  • run A/B tests (optimize to make more money)
Shopify Upsell Limitations (Keep in Mind)
Please note these limitations for One-Click Upsell. See Shopify's developer documentation for full details.
One-Click Upsell will not be shown if:
  • customer checks out with an installment or wallet service (i.e. Klarna, Affirm, AfterPay, Apple/Amazon/Google Pay)
  • customer uses a gift card or anything besides a credit card for the initial purchase
  • the order has duties or multiple currencies
  • the order is for local delivery
See You Soon! Enjoy 💝
We’re excited to announce that we’ve released one of our most-requested features: you can now set a campaign schedule! 🙌 This means your campaign will automatically turn on or off based on your selected start and end date. This will be especially helpful for many of our merchants who have sales that start or end at midnight, and for peak holidays like Black Friday.
Where Can I Find This Feature?
There are a few ways to access this feature:
#1. Go to the Campaigns tab and click on the three dot menu for your desired campaign. This will bring you to the
Display Rules
page. Select the option
Set Schedule
. Turn the toggle to the ON position, edit the schedule as needed, then click
campaign entry 1 pt 2
#2. Within your campaign setup, click on
Display Rules
. Turn the toggle to the ON position, edit the schedule as needed, then click
campaign entry 2
#3. Within your campaign setup, click on
. This will bring you to the
Display Rules
page. Turn the toggle to the ON position, edit the schedule as needed, then click
campaign entry 3
After activating your campaign scheduler, you can edit it by using any of the above methods. You could also go to the Campaigns tab, hover over the Scheduled Dates to reveal an
Edit Schedule
button, and then click it to access the schedule settings on the Display Rules page from there.
campaign edit hover over schedule
If your campaign is published without a schedule and you’d like to set one, you can hover over the
All Time
chip to reveal the
Edit Schedule
button. Click it to create a schedule from the Display Rules page.
campaign edit All Time to set schedule
How Do I Set Up a Campaign Schedule?
First, turn the toggle to the ON position. Here, you will see 4 options in the
show options
  • Between
    - select a “start date & time” and an “end date & time.” Your campaign will automatically become active for this date range.
show between
  • On
    - select a specific date. Your campaign will automatically become active on that date.
show on
  • Before
    - select an “end date & time.” Your campaign will immediately become active and then automatically turn off on your selected end date and time.
show before
  • After
    - select a “start date & time.” Your campaign will automatically become active on your selected start date and time.
show after
Next, select which timezone you want your campaign’s schedule to be based on.
By default, the checkbox for
Use visitor's timezone
is selected. This means your campaign’s schedule will be based on your visitor’s timezone. So for example, if your campaign is scheduled to turn on at midnight, that means your customers all over the world will see your campaign at midnight in their local time.
visitor timezone checked
If you
Use visitor's timezone
checkbox, then your campaign schedule will follow the UTC global timezone. For example: if you set your timezone to be New York City (US) and your campaign is set to start on May 24 at 9:00
, then you and your visitors in New York City will see the campaign on May 24 at 9:00
. But your visitors located elsewhere will see the campaign at a different local time depending on their timezone (i.e. visitors located in UTC +8 will see it on
May 25 at 9:00AM
in their local time).
visitor timezone unchecked
Can I Preview My Campaign On My Website?
Yes! Even if your campaign isn’t active yet because your scheduled start date is in the future, you can still preview how your popups look on your website.
In your campaign setup, click on the
Preview On Site
button. Then you can see your popups on your website as if your schedule has started.
preview before schedule starts 2
In general, if you want to view your website as a New Visitor (or to confirm that your popups indeed don’t show up before the scheduled start date!) you can do so by clicking the
Preview On Site
button again. This time, click on the grey link at the bottom. Please note if your campaign's scheduled start date is in the future (or the end date has already passed), then you will not see your popups.
preview as new visitor before schedule starts 2
We hope you love this latest release!
We have a feature update for the Email History section of the ONE+ app! 😊 
Here, you can view the history of emails that you sent to your customers in a given date range. You can also set a filter to see emails that bounced or received a complaint too.
Many of our merchants utilize multiple email types that our app offers, and we noticed the email history list can start getting long and with all types shown together.
To help you sort through the list more easily, we recently added another filter for Email Type. This allows filtering emails by broadcasts or automations - you can even drill down further and select a specific automation. By default, the Email History section will show all types of emails but you can filter by:
  1. Broadcasts
  2. Cart Recovery (Automation)
  3. Welcome All Subscribers (Automation)
  4. Thank You Shopify Subscribers (Automation)
  5. Thank You 1st Purchase (Automation)
  6. Welcome Accounts (Automation)
  7. Upsell (Automation)
  8. Winback (Automation)
  9. Birthday (Automation)
  10. Auto-responders (Linked Automation)
  11. Scheduled (Linked Automation)
  12. Double Opt-In (Linked Automation)
We hope this makes it easier for you to find and analyze the emails you’ve sent by type!
Hello again! We’re happy to see our merchants like you using and enjoying our Thank You and Welcome email automations. 🤗 Recently we’ve added the Products block into their email editor so you can now showcase your products in these types of emails!
Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 2
Check it out in the email templates below. You can create an email by going to the top navigation bar, clicking Messaging, then clicking Emails where you can find the
Create Email
  1. Thank You Shopify Subscribers
  2. Thank You 1st Purchase
  3. Welcome All Subscribers
  4. Welcome New Accounts
As a quick refresher, here’s how to use the Product picker. As always, let us know if you have any questions! ❤️
Hey there! As you may already know, Shopify recently migrated from saved customer searches (i.e. Shopify Groups) to customer segmentation. Per their documentation this affects all Shopify merchants and saved searches will no longer be available.
In light of these changes, we’ve updated the ONE+ app so you can send email broadcasts to your new Shopify segments. You’ll find them in the “Send To” field of your email broadcast templates. Some are default segments that Shopify automatically creates.
While Shopify is still rolling out customer segments to all merchants, we’ll continue to display your previous groups under the “Shopify Groups” section. The “Shopify Groups” section will eventually be deprecated and removed in the ONE+ app since Shopify will migrate your previous groups to segments. If your account has already been affected by the move, you can technically select from either “Shopify Segments” or “Shopify Groups” - but we
highly recommend
for you to use Shopify Segments to ensure no interruptions of your scheduled broadcasts.
  • If you do not see your previous group(s) in the new Segments section, refer to Shopify’s documentation here or reach out to Shopify’s support team.
Of course, you can still send email broadcasts to “lists” such as ONE+ subscribers, Shopify subscribers, subscribers collected from a specific ONE+ pop-up, etc. 😊
If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team and they’d be happy to help!
Hello there! We’ve recently added another highly requested feature - search boxes! They can be found in the Customer Data tables so you can find your customers’ records faster within the ONE+ app 🙌
To access them, first click on the “Customer Data” tab in the top navigation bar. Then select the tab of which subscriber group you’d like to search within:
ONE+ Subscribers
Shopify Subscribers
, or
All Shopify Contacts
As a quick reminder:
  • ONE+ Subscribers
     - Includes ONLY the subscribers that are captured through ONE+ tools or APIs directly. If this number is zero, this means either the app was just installed or leads are not being captured through our apps (e.g. Pop Ups, Fortune Wheel, etc.)
  • Shopify Subscribers
     - Includes ONE+ Subscribers AND any other customers that opted in for emails/communication from a source outside of the ONE+ Apps (in the above example screenshot: 1,000 ONE+ Subscribers plus 1,000 other subscribers = 2,000 Shopify Subscribers)
  • All Shopify Contacts
     - Includes Shopify Subscribers AND any other customers that chose NOT to opt into emails/communication (in the above example screenshot: 2,000 Shopify Subscribers plus 500 other contacts that chose not to opt into email/communication = 2,500 All Shopify Contacts)
In the search box, you can search for customers by their:
  1. email address
  2. first name
  3. last name
  4. phone number - make sure to include the country code! for best results, don’t include characters like
    . for example: instead of +1 (234)-5678, search 12345678
These search values must be an exact match.
This feature should come in handy when you need to search through many contacts for their subscription or reward details, to manually remove their record, etc. Hope this helps save you some time!
We made some small but helpful improvements for our Upsell email automation (it’s all in the details 😉).
First, the “Recommended Product” block is now added by default for every Upsell email theme. This block allows you to display your product’s details such as image, name, and price.
Second, you can now customize the font, color, and size of the product name and price too!
recommended block demo_compressed
We hope you find these features helpful to further customize your emails! 🎈
We’re thrilled to receive so much love for our new email and popup themes! It makes us happy to hear that you all are enjoying them.
As you may be aware, we’ve been continually designing and releasing themes to meet various goals, seasons, holidays, styles, etc. If you're looking for a theme that we don’t have yet in our library (we currently have 700+ themes!), we want to hear from you.
When you are browsing the theme library, you’ll notice in the bottom-right corner there’s now a button you can click to request a new theme design.
Fill out the form to tell us more about the theme you’d like. You can even upload a reference image for our team to review.
After submitting the form, you will see a success message with a link to the Theme Request board ( where you can track your request!
We can't wait to continue making more beautiful designs. We hope these will provide the perfect touch for your shop and brand.
We’ve recently streamlined the configuration settings for our ONE+ social proof pop-ups:
  • Recent Sales Pop
  • Aggregate Sales Pop*
  • Live Visitor Count
  • Aggregate Visitor Count*
these popups are only accessible on our Plus Plans (i.e. Kick Starter, Small Business, High Traffic Site, Enterprise Website, Medium Enterprise Website, Large Enterprise Website).
Instead of navigating to the pop-up vs. campaign level, you can now quickly access and edit your social proof settings in one place. If you have more than one social proof popup enabled, note that the changes you make will be applied for all of them.
demo social proof UI redesign_design step
demo social proof UI redesign_other steps
All the options that you were used to seeing are now in one place! As we continue to add features to our platform, we strive to make sure that everything is organized, easy-to-follow, but most importantly intuitive!
🚨 New feature alert! If you enable Double Opt-in for the email and/or phone fields in your ONE+ popup, now you can customize the design and text of its waiting screen. This also means you can translate it into your desired language.
To access the editor for the waiting screen, first go to your pop-up and select the step called “Form.” Make sure the Double Opt-in toggle for your email and/or phone field is in the “On” position.
Then go to the next step called “Design.” Select the tab “Step 2: [Email or Phone] Double Opt-in” in the top-right or bottom-right corners.
Here you’ll see various design elements that you can customize on the waiting screen. For example, click on the section called Description to edit the text.
We hope this helps give you more flexibility in customizing your ONE+ popup. Stay tuned for more updates!
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